Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Inspiration *cue cheezy song*

My very good friend Jess began her blog about a year and a half ago Pudget.  When I met her, she was part way through her weight loss journey and had the most amazing attitude - she still does have that amazing attitude!  What she doesn't have is the additional 50 pounds she started out with.  She lost 50 pounds by blogging, eating healthy, exercising, and getting back on the horse each time she jumped off for chocolate or cake.  I'm so proud to have her as one of my best friends; can I be cool just by association?
Because of Jessica's famous blog, Pudget (losing weight on a budget), Jess has become something of a weight-loss icon.  She's been featured in Woman's World Magazine, been on the front page of the local gazette, and receives MULTITUDES of freebies to try out and share with her readers - which she does honestly (isn't she cool?).
Currently Jess has two contests going on on her blog, which you have to check out.  I've entered both :)  The first is for a gift certificate to an adorable child's clothing store here in town.  The store is called  Lil Kid's Stuff.  You have to check this store out; it is so adorable!  Skip on over to Jess' blog and see how you can win a $25 gift certificate!
The second giveaway currently going on at jess' site is from Sew Creative by Sara.  This stuff is so adorable!  I want one of her aprons so badly and I can't even cook!  The coolest thing on her website (and the thing that Jess is giving away) are headbands that are designed to absorb sweat as you exercise!  How clever!!!  Since my hubby and I are starting P90x on Thursday (more to come on that in a latter post), I need one of these headbands!!
Be sure to skip on over to Jess' site so you can enter these amazing contests!  Jess has just started a new bootcamp program (I know, I know, she's my hero too) and is giving something away each day of her first week of bootcamp.  So go!!!  Enter!!!!  Win!!!  :)
All winning and cool stuff aside, Jessica really is awesome, and I hope you'll find some inspiration from her like I have.  Now if I can just put it into practice...

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  1. I want one of those aprons too! That really was beautiful! I really enjoy reading your posts.